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Student Testimonial Videos

Each of our students is drawn to Zen Shiatsu Chicago because some aspect of this work appeals to their personality and background.  Please enjoy these videos, and see if any of their motivations resonate with you!

Christina Mihai

"...You can do this.  You can spread this amazing, joyful, wonderful feeling to so many people."

Christina Mihai

"For the first time in my life, I can honestely say that I am a healer...because I am."

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Vidas Linas

"...The only way I can explain it is...your nerve endings are absolutely singing when you receive shiatsu."

Vidas Linas

"...It's fascinating, it's fun, it's a brand new way of looking at the human condition..."

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Janine Derpack

"...I had the unique experience to be with my grandfather as he was passing away...I could feel the energy of his body responding to my touch..."

Janine Derpack

"...I had no idea what shiatsu was, but it was everything I thought it could be, and more!"

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Arlette Greer

"I was looking for a way to integrate my psychology background with bodywork ... and in Zen Shiatsu they mesh gorgeously."

Arlette Greer

"Life is too short not to do something that actually moves you and helps you help the world."

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NEW - Written Stories!

Read about what first inspired students to study Zen Shiatsu, and their reflections after completing the program.

Elliott Challandes - Fully Integrating Mind and Body & Becoming a Full-Time Professional Healer

"Although I work in a geographical area where I am the only certified Asian Bodyworker, Zen Shiatsu Chicago prepared me to successfully demonstrate the value and validity of Asian Bodywork Therapy to my clients and to many of those who solely practice within the Western Medical Model."

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Ali Aird - Learning How to Feel

"I came in with the vague notion that I’d learn how to manipulate people to make them feel better. What I ended up learning is how to feel better (which, as it turns out, is pretty critical in the process of helping people feel better!) I learned how to listen to people. I learned how to gain an understanding about them and the nature of life itself, directly through my own two hands."

Nicole Superits - Healing Her Own Back Pain and Integrating Energy Medicine, Yoga and Shiatsu

"I believe that Shiatsu finds you at the perfect time, when one is ready to align with their truth and step into their power. If you’re interested in deeply exploring nature, the body, and oneself through an ancient form of bodywork, Zen Shiatsu is the place."

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Jan Yourist - Lifelong Learner Deepening her Qigong and Tai Chi Practices

"Study at Zen Shiatsu is definitely a journey and it doesn’t end with graduation from the program. This is a life’s journey where we are given tools to transform ourselves as well as learning to transfer those tools to those we are honored to treat."

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Justin Zelinski - Finding Balance through Martial Arts, Shiatsu and Asian Philosophy

"This work has been extremely healing to me in helping me realize the interconnectedness we all have and need in life to truly be ourselves and exist in a balanced healthy state."

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Rachel Bowman - Improving her physical, mental and spiritual health so as to be ready to help others

"I have cultivated close friendships and a deep knowledge of self through this program, and you cannot really put a price on that. The information and writing materials I have accumulated will be used in my professional reference library. I walk away equipped in bettering my own physical, mental, and spiritual health- which will in turn allow me to hold space for others in my life and as a practitioner."

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