Tutoring Services

Standard Tutoring: For students who would like additional one-on-one instruction to help meet their learning goals, tutoring services are available at the rate of $70/hr.

Remedial Tutoring: If a student fails a written or practical exam, remedial tutoring is meant to get the student back on track for a retake of the exam. This tutoring is available at the reduced rate of $25/hr. Remedial tutoring can address specific failed learning objectives or language barrier issues.

Physical Issues Tutoring: If a student is experiencing a physical pain or injury that is preventing them from participaing in class without injury, then the student may be eligible for 1-3 hours of tutoring at no cost to help correct the issue. This eligibility is atthe discretion of the Supervising Instructor, and is for the express purpose of being able to perform shiatsu in a pain-free manner.

The school administration and Supervising Instructor will determine when tutoring is appropriate for a given student.  You will be paired with a tutor, and can then contact your tutor to arrange meeting times conducive to both of your schedules.  A minimum of 2 hours for each tutoring session is required to secure the tutor's travel time and appointment.  You are welcome to schedule longer tutoring appointments if you prefer.