David and Misha Sol

David Sol, DAc, LAc, LMT, CFMP, CA  has been practicing bodywork and the healing arts since 1999.

David specializes in Craniosacral Balancing, Aromatherapy, and East Asian Medicine.

David completed a master of acupuncture program and doctor of acupuncture degree through Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.

Over the years, David has worked with a diverse group of adults, teens, children and infants.  He has extensive experience working within home-based private practice, integrative centers, medical and chiropractic clinics, medical and fitness settings including hospital-based fitness centers, a children's hospital and a hospice.

David is also a published author, his book "Essentials of Craniosacral Balancing: A Practical Step-By-Step Visual Guide" is available through Amazon and other online retailers. In addition to his clinical practice, David has been a massage and bodywork instructor since 2001.  Currently, he is the academic dean of undergraduate studies at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago.

Misha Sol is a licensed massage therapist and a licensed professional counselor.She is an instructor of Zen Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine and Craniosacral Therapy.  As a clinician, Misha expertly assist clients with resolving their physical and emotional traumas through hands-on therapy.  As an instructor, Misha excels at helping students with experiential learning, finding the principles of TCM and Zen Shiatsu at work within their own bodies and sensory experience.