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Are you considering massage school, but looking for something more?  Always been interested in Asian arts and philosophies? Many students researching Chicago massage schools come across Zen Shiatsu Chicago, and their eyes are opened to the full possibilities of bodywork.

You will receive the same western Anatomy & Physiology training offered in massage school.

You will also receive the same Chinese Medicine training that an acupuncturist receives.

While encompassing musculoskeletal therapy as comprehensively as massage school, the Zen Shiatsu Chicago program goes a step farther, applying the acupoint and meridian system of Chinese Medicine to help you holistically read the messages your body is sending through your aches and pains.

If you have looked into massage school programs and found the curriculum too exclusively focused on musculoskeletal pathology, you should consider Zen Shiatsu Chicago.

Your training would meet and exceed the minimum training requirements for an Illinois massage license.  Zen Shiatsu Chicago goes above and beyond the minimum number of massage school hours, preparing you to practice in more states.

Zen Shiatsu Chicago graduates practice in the same clinical environments as massage school graduates, but have marketable additional skills in holistic lifestyle analysis and treatment of internal disorders through Chinese Medicine principles.

We are launching the Massage School Alternative campaign to make sure that massage school seekers consider Zen Shiatsu Chicago as a viable and exciting alternative. If you are hoping to explore the psychological and spiritual dimensions of bodywork in addition to being able to address musculoskeletal disorders, Zen Shiatsu Chicago is the school for you.

The 715-Hour Shiatsu Massage Therapy Diploma Program has been awarded the credential of Endorsed Curriculum from the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA).  This program is one of only two Asian Bodywork Therapy programs in the nation to be awarded a credential by COMTA.

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