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Ali Aird

Class of 2018

What are your reflections looking back on your time at Zen Shiatsu Chicago?

This school has launched me into a lifelong exploration of the question of what it means to Be - in a human body, no less! In my time here, I received a framework for understanding the body as well as fundamental tools for working with it, but above all else, the school gave me a new language for learning. I came in with the vague notion that I’d learn how to manipulate people to make them feel better. What I ended up learning is how to feel better (which, as it turns out, is pretty critical in the process of helping people feel better!) I learned how to listen to people. I learned how to gain an understanding about them and the nature of life itself, directly through my own two hands. It’s often said that the best schools teach you how to think. Zen Shiatsu Chicago taught me how to feel, and with that capacity the learning never ends


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