Zen Shiatsu IV

Mapping the Terrain

Mapping the surface of the body and correlating that surface with the deep functions of the body is the heart and soul of this course. Students will learn how to treat the entire body while always keeping their intention on the source of greatest imbalance.

At this level of proficiency, students will begin to see through the layers of complexity of the meridian system and perceive the simplicity of the healing act.

The Meridian Extension system of Shizuto Masunaga, unique to Zen Shiatsu and its descendent styles, is studied in detail. Masunaga felt that the meridian system of Chinese Medicine was insufficient to address the fact that the energy of each meridian infuses the entire body. His complete meridian map links every meridian to a graceful full-body stretch and also makes many meaningful psycho-spiritual connections that are of clinical importance to bodyworkers.

We learn how this system compares and contrasts to the traditional Chinese system, to allow us to communicate effectively with acupuncturists and herbalists.

Students also incorporate the six divisions of yin and yang as elucidated in the Chinese classics, the Shang Han Lun and I Ching.

This class may only be taken as part of the complete Asian Bodywork Certification Program.