Yoga Shiatsu: Forms and Flows

The practice of Zen Shiatsu is grounded in proper body mechanics, a deep knowledge of myo-facial energy meridian flows and proper application of stretches and touch to promote balance and harmony in all levels of body mind and spirit.  The practice of Hatha Yoga offers a deep and powerful array of postures and flows to aid in maintaining health, balance and inner peace.  These two traditions both understand the importance of alignment, balance and proper relationship to gravity and breath. In this 6 hour class on Yoga Shiatsu Forms and Flows we will explore and practice 15 Essential Yoga Poses and ways in which they can be incorporated into your bodywork sessions, your yoga teaching or your personal self-care practice.  Students can expect a thorough exploration of the application of both Yoga and Zen Shiatsu Bodywork Essentials to enhance their personal health and well-being and gain tools to help their clients as well.

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