Yin Yoga for the Five Phases

Deepening your understanding of Five Phase Physiology

Yin Yoga is based on the ancient Taoist (Chinese Medicine) 5 Phase Theory which explores the 5 phases in nature (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, & Wood) and how they exist and operate within the body. All poses in Yin Yoga are Chinese Medicine Meridian stretches and correspond with the 5 Phase organ networks in the body.

In this workshop we will soften into these poses, just as Masunaga instructed us to soften and practice stillness and deep breathing in these Meridian Stretches, with no agenda, simply observation.

There will also be a guided meditation on each Phase, as well as an affirmation for each phase to incorporate into your daily Qi cultivation.

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Yin Yoga for the Five Phases (3 CEs) : $75
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