Thresholds of Awareness - Maximum Openness, Maximum Grounding

Nov 3-4

  1. Thresholds of Awareness
    1. Technique vs no-technique—we will explore what happens in the transitions. Smelting Jing into Qi, and Qi into Shen. 
    2. Quantum shifts—movement, stillness, intentions, shapes, perceptions, actions, balance, and many other experiences of being can be understood as thresholds of awareness.
    3. What can you see?—there is a threshold between seeing and feeling that unlocks possibilities and opportunities. 
  2. Maximum Openness, Maximum Grounding
    1. Reversing everything you know—a strategy for being more intuitive
    2. Anchors, rocks, containers, shields, bubbles—using these tools of the imagination to heighten our integrity.
    3. Unconventional rituals of healing, spontaneity as the source code—if you go too far out, come back stronger, smarter, richer, funnier and better looking. 

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