The Three Types of Tsubo

A two-day refinement course

“Tsubo” means “vase.” In shiatsu, when we touch the acupoint – the top of the neck of the vase – at the correct angle, it lets us enter into the fullness of the meridian. But we’ve all had the experience of not gaining access when we touch an acupoint.

Is there a reason? Yes! The acupoint may be a “spot” or “point” that should be a tsubo, but isn’t yet.

Can we change a spot or point into a tsubo? Yes! In fact, we want to do that. We want to guide the energy to change toward health & harmony.

What you will learn to identify:

  • Tsubo – gives entry into the meridian
  • Spot – stimulates only the border of the meridian
  • Point – keeps you out, acting like a Spot, but can become a tsubo that lets you in
  • The form and function of each
  • Treatment skills that turn Spots and Points into Tsubos


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