The Three Types of Kyo and Jitsu

A Two-Day Refinement Course

Dr. Shizuto Masunaga identified three kinds of Kyo and two kinds of Jitsu. Jitsu manifestations have now been expanded to three types. Masunaga described their differences in terms of cutaneous layers and held that they can be felt by sensitive practitioners. Differentiating among them depends upon the practitioner’s:

  • Ability to empty the mind and “listen”
  • Hand sensitivity
  • Relaxation/body mechanics

This course concentrates on feeling and appropirately treating each type of Kyo and Jitsu. It does not address Kyo/Jitsu diagnosis, which is a different skill from feeling them separately. Rather, In this course, participants will:

  • Learn methods for sensitizing the hand
  • Explore each type of Kyo on a classmate
  • Explore each type of Jitsu on a classmate
  • Learn how to treat each type

Prerequisite: The 3 Types of Tsubo, as the skills learned there are necessary for treating Kyo and Jitsu.

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