The Space In-Between

A One-Day Exploration

6 CEs In-Person or Zoom

November 13

Saturday, 9am-4pm

Taught by Randy Cummins

Exploring the Space In-Between highlights the importance of addressing the fascial and energetic planes of the body.

Conscious bodywork can help with techniques that utilize sustained pressure to loosen and lengthen constricted fascia. It breaks down adhesions between the tissues and softens and re-aligns them, freeing up muscles and allowing easier and more effective physical and energetic movement.

The addition of webinar participants will allow therapists to connect to and support the global bodywork community. All attendees will need a partner.
Zoom Participants: Please note you will need to have your camera on and a receiver for the duration of the class. There is a one hour lunch break approximately from 12-1.

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The Space In-Between In-Person : $150
The Space In-Between ZOOM : $150
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