The Mysterious Gate: Finding Refuge in the Passage of Grief

A one-day workshop


We all cope with loss. It is a part of what it is to be human. Some losses are light, some heavy, all come with a mysterious energy to be reconciled. In this workshop we will explore the use of Shiatsu as a way of supporting the mysterious process of reconciliation that is grief. Each person's process of letting go of what was, and surrendering into what has unfolded is unique and to be honored. The skilled Shiatsu therapist creates a safe container in which the griever may pour their many feelings and awakenings along the journey of recovery. The many and sometimes contradictory feelings of the grieving process can be reconciled in this place, and a sense of ease and deep gratitude, acceptance and relief can be fostered.
In this workshop we learn to work with the natural unfolding of our client's grief and to hold space for them with faith and confidence through whatever may arise. And we also learn how to not "take it on" but rather to witness and believe in our client. This simple act of witnessing and faith, combined with the powerful holding presence of Shiatsu can make a profound positive impact for passing through the mysterious gateway of grief to freedom and self-realization.
We will learn:
• how the meridian energies are approached in grief recovery
• the significance and use of breath to aid in grief resolution
• creating sacred space and holding a healing container 
• how to care without over-caring, to support, but not take on
• grieving your own losses, so you may be present for others

• personal practice for ease in your own body, mind and spirit


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1 Day Pass - Thu 10/17, Morning Qigong 8:30-9:30am, The Mysterious Gate 10am-5pm, 7 CEs/PDAs : $225
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