The Energy Field and Bodywork

Exploring the Link Between Them

At some point, all practitioners who use their hands as the primary tool for treating clients/patients begin to notice that “more” is going on than what meets the eye. Maybe it’s just a vague feeling. Maybe an unexpected thought or momentary “vision” appears and seems to have relevance for the client or to the session. 

These impressions are not random. They come into consciousness because of a direct communication from your client’s energy field, which is as real as the physical body. Becoming familiar with the territory of these energy realms increases your ability to navigate them. As you become more agile in this terrain, you no longer get “thrown off” by occurrences that pop up without warning. They will, instead, inform your treatment choices and greatly enhance your effectiveness. Your clients will be very pleased. So will you!


Topics to be covered include:

  • Four levels of the Energy Field
  • How to align your body to connect with the Field
  • The proper mindset to positively influence the Field
  • Techniques to link the Field to the physical body.

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