Fascial Release Sotai in the Treatment of Low Back Pain

A Two Day Hands On Workshop

Sotai is a Japanese movement method in which we move our patients in the direction of ease, away from restriction and pain. This is done while the patient exhales. Sotai also incorporates practitioner resistance for a few moments. On its face, like all indirect methods, it seems too simple a procedure to bring significant results, but there is more to Sotai than meets the eye. Yin Sotai and Fascial Release Sotai follow the core Sotai principles but brings the work down to a far subtler level.

In this two-day seminar, geared to both newcomers and experienced Sotai-istas, we will explore standard Sotai and these gentler versions as they can be used to treat low back pain, one of the most common patient complaints. It will be a seminar almost exclusively spent in hands-on work.

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Fascial Relase Sotai in the Treatment of Low Back Pain- 12 CEs : $300
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