Sotai Therapy

Sotai is a system of bodywork-neuromuscular reeducation developed by Keizo Hashimoto, MD based on his studies in other traditional arts in Japan.  It is characterized by gentle, slow movements away from restrictions and pain, toward the direction of ease.  This easeful movement aligns the structure while promoting full-body, inside-and-out integration of the channels.


When compared with other indirect methods Sotai stands out in its simplicity and the ease with which learners can get started in it. Its principles are basic and learnable. Patients love Sotai because it brings them into a state of deep relaxation.  Practitioners love the ease and flow of sequencing, and the natural rhythmic exploration of all the joints and pivots of the body.



Sotai provides a framework for assessing and improving easeful range of motion, which also provides a very useful pre-and-post test for clients.  Even if certain aspects of their symptoms are slower to recover, we can alert them to the ways in which their movement is already becoming more fluid and integrated, which provides another meaningful benchmark of progress.

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Sotai Therapy (Oct 11-12, 14 hours) : $375
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