Six Levels of Yin and Yang in Bodywork Therapy

A One-Day Workshop

Eastern classical thinkers observed the natural world and discovered the basic duality of yin and yang, the shadow and the light. Building upon the simple awareness of night and day, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, the inside and the outside, the sages were able to penetrate the nature of change and development. What was articulated was the theory of the Six Divisions of Yin and Yang, the gradations of change, from dawn, to midday, to afternoon, to dusk, to midnight to pre-dawn. These gradations can be applied to all natural systems, including the human body, mind and spirit.

In this enlightening workshop with Matthew Sweigart, we will explore the model of the six divisions as it applies to bodywork. We will explore the yin to yang gradations of Anterior, Posterior, Medial and Lateral aspects of the body, as well as the functional systems of the organ networks, and the progression of signs and symptoms of disease and wellness. Matthew will educate and enlighten bodyworkers, providing practical tools to deepen and inform their therapeutic practice.

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