Sinew Channels and the Six Directions

A one-day exploration

Sinew Channels correspond to the muscle tissue of the body, as well as our awareness of the body in space, and the potential places our body might move at any given moment.  It corresponds also to our sensing and imagining of pain and motion.

In this class, we will study the kinesiology of the Sinew Channels.  What is the field of movement of the different channels of the body?  How do the Sinew Channels move us through space and through our life over time?  

We will open our imagination to a wider field of what is meant by "movement", and see how we can use our awareness to increase the efficacy of our Sinew/Muscular work.  With this creative awareness, we will give a powerful incentive to our receiver's body to explore the full field of motion through time, which has implications for pain relief, emotional expression and spiritual evolution.

This class is open to all program graduates, and will be helpful to those who both have and have not taken the Postgraduate Studies.

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