Sinew Channel Toolkit

Reviewing and Refining

Sinew Channels!

Sinew Channels are the classical Daoist invention for describing the muscular system and the spatial-sensory system that we use to relate to the outside world.  Sinew is hardly a sufficient term, as the system governs movement, expression and our awareness of space.

This class is open to students who both have and have not taken the Postgraduate Studies program.

For Postgraduate students, this class is an opportunity to synthesize Postgraduate teachings with Symposium and Sotai teachings.  Review a wide range of methods for using touch to interface with the Sinew system, and let's see if we can find an integrated practice method.

For those who have not done Postgraduate study of the Sinew Channels, this class provides a great chance to dive in and learn new ways of touching and sensing to help with muscular issues, ease of movement, and re-patterning the body's movement.

We will Learn/Review:

  • Ways of sensing flow & interconnectedness in the muscular system
  • Methods of touch that help to rebuild interconnectedness if it has been lost
  • Ways of sensing the movements of the shen in the sensory-motor field
  • Combining touch and movement to re-pattern the shen (awarensss) and thus re-pattern movement

This class will synthesize and draw inspiration from the teachings of Carola Beresford-Cooke, Jeffrey Dann, Michael DeAgro, WinterJade Forest, Scott Phillips, Paul Lundberg and Bob Quinn. 

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