Shiatsu for the Ankles

Potent Techniques for Chronic Pain

Shiatsu is the treatment of choice for many of those chronic trouble spots. Through a unique combination of full-body stretches accentuated with treatment of potent acupoints, clients frequently see significant improvement over the course of just one treatment.

Each workshop will teach major acupoints, meridian stretches and compression techniques to relieve chronic pain in the target area.

These four workshops complement one another nicely, as dysfunction in one area often creates referred complications in other areas. Take the entire seminar, and you'll feel ready for anything!

Each Class Includes:

•  Anatomical and Meridian Overviews
•  Specific acupoint location and stimulation techniques
•  Applied stretches to stimulate entire meridian lines
•  Guided demos and student exchanges

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Shiatsu for the Ankles : $60
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