Shiatsu for Head, Neck, and Face

People absolutely love to receive good head and neck technique.  We often carry tension in our heads and necks, which causes us to have discomfort and look older.  Skilled head, neck and face shiatsu technique can be amazingly useful in gently releasing tension and alleviating discomfort, which leads to a more youthful appearance. 

During this class you’ll learn stretches for the head, neck and face as well as shiatsu techniques for balancing energy along the meridians.  You will also learn specific tsubos (acupressure points) in the head, neck and face, specific uses, and how to locate tsubos on yourself and others. You’ll experience and practice professional-level techniques useful for any bodywork modality. 

Clients love good, solid head, neck and face work—you can do that for them while also addressing specific overall concerns. 




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Shiatsu for Head, Neck and Face : $120
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