Shiatsu for the Arm and Hand

An exploration of the muscles, bones, meridians and acupressure/trigger points

Since gaining a vertical posture, the arms and hands have become free to evolve fine manipulative and expressive movements, that among other things help establish boundaries and personal space. Through the meridians, we are free to express energetic functions which relate to the outer world and to our emotions and consciousness.

An informed working knowledge of the physical and energetic structures and how to work with them, will help provide you and your clients a better avenue to avoid injury due to overuse and postural imbalances.

   Class to include:

Anatomical & Meridian overview

Demonstrated self massage stretches

Specific palpation of bones/muscles/meridians

Location and stimulation of common tigger/acupressure points




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Shiatsu for the Arm and Hand : $150
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