Shiatsu and Shamanism: Treatment of the Joints of the Extremities

A one-day workshop


We can say that all healing is shamanic in nature.  Why?  Because the healing response remains a mystery.  Although we may be able to describe the physiological processes that occur when healing takes place, we cannot know if they will occur.  For many people, joints fall into this category.  They often heal very slowly and never fully recover.  This may be due to the fact that we use them constantly, making it difficult to rest them.  Also, the physical and pshychological distress of not being able to move freely gets locked into the tissues and impedes healing.  

Can we, as healers, create an environment that allows healing to arise?  Can we foster an internal cellular atmosphere that increases the occurrence and vigor of the healing phenomenon?  I believe the answer is YES.  Both Asian medicine and shamanism acknowledge that the healing power of human beings is proportional to their relationships with Earth and with Spirit ~ Mother Earth and Father Sky, Yin and Yang.  Enhancing and refining these relationships improves our capacity for healing.

In this workshop you will: 
Learn to “journey” in a traditional way to enter a non-ordinary reality, accessing information and imagery pertinent to your client 
Review joint structure and function from ordinary and non-ordinary perspectives  
Review meridian locations and associations as they pertain to joint treatment
Form a treatment strategy and implementation plan based on shamanic impressions and common goals with your client
Identify the meridian relationships and anatomical analogies that impact the quality and effectiveness of joint treatment
Learn new, specific techniques for addressing joint complaints, adaptable to any hands-on discipline
Practice skillfulness in opening, and holding open, your client’s healing space throughout the treatment as you are working


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1 Day Pass - Tue 10/15, Morning Qigong 8:30-9:30am, Shiatsu and Shamanism: Treatment of Joints of the Extremeties 10am-5pm, 7 CEs/PDAs : $225
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