Shiatsu and Eastern Medicine for Women's Health

A 12-hour theory and practice seminar

Women face a unique set of challenges when it comes to wellness and healthcare.  At some point, most every woman will experience those challenges first hand: menstrual irregularities, painful periods, breast or pelvic discomfort, or menopausal symptoms.  For this reason, gynecology is one of the oldest and most revered specialties in East Asian Medicine.

In this class, we will explore multiple aspects of women’s health from an East-West perspective.  We will begin with a foundation in the Eastern view of women’s health and reproductive systems, and learn how to assess disruption.  This class will include demonstration and practice of hands-on techniques and Hara, or abdominal, treatment methods.  We will explore specific acupoints used to treat women’s health and how to apply shiatsu techniques at these points.  We will conclude with applications for common women’s complaints, including irregular menstruation, painful periods, premenstrual syndrome & menopausal symptoms.

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Shiatsu and Eastern Medicine for Women's Health - 12 CEs : $240
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