Seiki Online: Hara / Koshi

A Live Online Workshop

Sei-ki, from the Shiatsu tradition, comes from the work of Kishi Akinobu, Masunaga’s top disciple and a major influence of Shiatsu worldwide. This workshop is exploration of hara-culture and Sei-ki. We will look at what hara-culture, hara-knowing and hara development are and how these relate to Sei-ki. This will include talks, discussions and practical exercises.

The classes will include some Sei-ki kata (exercises) to do at a later point or with a partner during the workshop. For those without a practice partner, we will practice hara development and sensitivity together.

Prerequisites: Beginning Zen Shiatsu or at least 30 hours training in Asian Bodywork Therapy

Notes on Your Preparation

  • Make sure you have switched off your computer notifications and phones

  • If you can practice with a Sei-ki partner, that would be great, we will have time for exchanges

  • If you can practice with a volunteer who is not doing the class, ask them to be available at around 11:30 Central Time on both days

  • If you do not have someone to practice with or on, we will be exploring hara and sensitivity development during the practice sessions.

  • Ideally set up your computer so that you are comfortable and could stand or sit to do exercises on the floor with ease


We will take short breaks and some exercises can be done away from the computer as long as you can hear the audio

For questions about the course content, contact Alice Whieldon at

The cost is appx. $75 USD, and 50% discounts are available if your income has been affected by COVID-19.

To Register:

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