Sei-ki and the Emotion Body

Sei-ki is described at the secret art of Shiatsu.  It is defined by an inner approach in which each client is approached as a new koan, or unanswerable question.  In Sei-ki we work to the eastern model of the practitioner who aims to clarify themselves in order to be the best environment in which to receive the patient and understand their situation.

Apprehending the particular character of each patient is the task of the Sei-ki practitioner, for whom treatment and diagnosis are identical.  What the patient brings to the session is mostly the problematic emotion-body, so this is what we work with.  In this workshop you will be given simple kata to help you recognise the distortion of the emotion-body in the movement of breath and more subtle torque.  You will be helped to see the power of this deep attention and come away with basic tools to enable you to bring this depth of perception into your work.

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