Scanning and Focusing

A one-day refinement workshop

Our senses are always responding to the reality of each person we contact.  All of our senses can be used in service of recognizing the therapeutic changes within our clients, by recognizing moments of resonance.

"Resonance" is the mutual response felt by both giver and receiver when each person opens to more of their authentic nature.  

"Scanning" is a process by which we contact the client's body with our attention.  When we contact a body area that facilitates a therapeutic movement, resonance occurs.

Our scanning is most effective when we learn how to hold steady focus.  In this class, we will practice methods of focusing and scanning when we are with a client.

We will practice:

Holding a global focus on the whole person

Scanning specific meridians while holding global focus

Recognizing and describing resonance in giver and receiver

Recognizing the completion of a therapeutic movement

Comparing notes with the receiver to better understand the information from our senses


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Scanning and Focusing (6 CEs) : $150
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