Reiki Teacher Training

A One-Day Training

Deciding to teach Reiki is a calling. It will deepen and expand your connection to this practice as it challenges you to be worthy of the responsibility of teaching. Each and every class will include questions you may not yet have thought of, students who quickly grasp the material, students who struggle, and of course skepticism and those who only seek CEUs...and also, those who blossom before your eyes into such beauty you may feel challenged not to cry.

In this training, it is my intention and responsibility to prepare you as best as I can with guidance on:
• structuring classes at all levels
• my resources and materials to teach

• how to answer questions
• how to give an energy healing attunement. • online and in person teaching.

Out of respect for Reiki, I request that all interested students reach out to me directly to discuss whether this step is right for you. I am not going to quiz you, I am doing my first step in preparing you.

I know that you know this, but choosing to teach is making a personal commitment to lifelong learning, and it is wonderful road ahead; hooray you for even considering this path!

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 3 and knowledge of all Reiki symbols

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