Reiki Level 3: Hands-on Master Level Training

A One-Day Attunement

6 CEs Offsite Salem, IL

October 1, Friday


Taught by Joy Culver

6 CEs

October 31, Sunday


Taught by Jeanne Steen

Reiki Level 3 imparts the deepest and most effective Reiki tools for removing blockages at their root. Reiki Grid training allows Reiki to be sent to multiple peole continuously, with applications for family and group dynamics. At the end of this training, you wil have learned the compete clinical Reiki skill set and will have received a master-level capacity to access Reiki energy. 


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Reiki 3 - Oct 31 Full Tuition : $375
Reiki 3 - Oct Deposit : $200 ($175 balance due on first day)
Reiki 3- SALEM IL Oct 1 Full Tuition : $375
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