Qigong for Bodyworkers

Enliven your work by strengthening your body, clearing your mind, and connecting to your best self.

Qigong for Bodyworkers 

Dr. Roger Jahnke, author of The Healer Within and The Healing Promise of QI, created the Integral Nine Phases of Qi Cultivation Qigong sequence that will be the foundation of this workshop. The Nine Phases will bring the practitioner into a state of increased awareness of their alignment and breath, and will support clarity of mind and a sense of self empowerment. Included will be some discussion of the classical Chinese concept of the Three Treasures (Jing, Chi, and Shen) and how they are expressed and nourished by the practice of Integral 9 Phase Qigong. It is the intention that those who attend both segments of the workshop will have a good grasp of the 9 Phase practice and be able to continue to practice on their own.

This workshop will cover two aspects of the work:

Qigong from the Outside in:

When our body is strong and there is good flow of energy (Qi), we are “all systems go”. Free of physical distraction, we are open to developing our sensitivity, motivated to go forward, and are interested in relating well to others while remaining true to ourselves.

This segment will include practices that are designed to energize the body, boost immunity, enhance the circulation of blood, and lymph, and increase vitality throughout the entire system.

We will draw from a variety of exercises, breath work, and self-acupressure, and discuss the Integrative 9 Phase Qigong from this “outside in” point of view.

Qigong from the Inside Out:

The world we live in is complex and challenging, and we are often “on guard”. It is increasingly essential to learn ways to free ourselves from stress, and to open ourselves to the expansive possibilities of who we are when we are our best selves. As therapists, it is through our own self cultivation that we can truly be there to inspire others though our presence and through our touch.

In this segment, we focus on practices designed to align our internal energetic centers (the Three Dan Tiens) free the mind, and bring clarity of focus. Then we expand our awareness out in to the world. This will include Standing, Walking and Seated Meditations, and some basic hands on exercises.

We will also practice the Integrative 9 Phase Qigong, emphasizing the ways in which this sequence brings us into unity within ourselves and invites a sense of unity with the larger world outside of ourselves as well.

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