Qi Cultivation and Self-Treatment to Remove Blocks in Your Life and Practice

A One-Day Going Deeper Class

This class provides guidance and practice in setting up a daily Qi Cultivation practice that can help your personal evolution as a therapist.

Steve will share a protocol inspired by the Daoist practices of Zuowang and Jindan.  This protocol will help your sensitivity and effectiveness as a shiatsu therapist in general, and it can be used to give yourself self-treatment.

You will set unique self-treatment goals meant to help you:

  • Improve your appetite for Qi Cultivation
  • Remove compulsive behaviors that inhibit your evolution
  • Cultivate your integrity and inner self-image
  • Facilitate the physical changes that make Qi Cultivation and Standing Practice more sustainable

We will then practice self-treatment methods that will help you internalize these goals at a deep physical level, so that you can easily bring your life into alignment with your inner integrity and authentic self.

The prerequisite for Going Deeper classes is graduation from Zen Shiatsu Chicago or another Asian Bodywork Program of at least 500 hours.



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Qi Cultivation and Self-Treatment to Remove Blocks : $120
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