Providing Shiatsu in Hospital and Medical Settings

A One-Day Going Deeper Class

Shiatsu can have tremendous benefits for critically and chronically ill patients, including patients with cancer, autoimmune disorders like fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis and other conditions that require frequent trips to the infusion clinic for strong medications. 

Patients with these debilitating conditions struggle not only with the condition itself but with side effects of the treatments for the conditions, including effects from chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and other strong medications.  In addition, patients have to manage the life changes brought on by their medical diagnosis, including possible losses of income, mobility, and social support that create added stress.  

When Shiatsu is available within the medical setting, the convenience for the patient allows for an opportunity to establish a trusting supportive on-going relationship with a shiatsu practitioner who is familiar with and can communicate with the patient’s other healthcare providers as needed, providing an opportunity for more wrap around holistic care.

In this 6-hour session Cindy will cover:


  • Communicating effectively with hospital staff and community about your services
  • Marketing materials for Bodywork
  • What you need to know about HIPPA and confidentiality
  • Record keeping in a clinical setting
  • Developing a professional medical image – treatment service vs. spa service
  • How to be an effective team member in settings with multiple integrative services
  • Special considerations to providing quality safe care to critically ill patients
  • How to provide mini demonstration treatments in the infusion chair
  • Introducing Shiatsu to new patients
  • The intake interview
  • Special medical contraindications to watch for
  • Prioritizing the session
  • Developing treatment plans

The prerequisite for Going Deeper classes is graduation from the Zen Shiatsu Chicago Certification Program or any Asian Bodywork Program of at least 500 hours in length.

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Providing Shiatsu in a Hospital and Medical Setting : $120
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