Orienting Towards Dao - Pure Internal Power

Daoist Studies with Scott Phillips

These workshops present the ancient Daoist tradition called Daoyin, which is older than the meridians and the chakras. Daoyin is the practice of integrating stillness meditation techniques with vigorous movement.

 “Dao" means to nudge back on the path, and Yin means to open up spaces of potentiality. Somewhat like yoga and qigong, but older, deeper, and more immediately translatable to bodywork, dance, love, and life because it solves the problem of how to transition from the awareness gained in stillness to the excitement of movement and expression.

The Daoyin path is one of reversal. An inward path of collecting and re-ordering perception-action.

It is a method of enlightenment training which allows us to separate our body from our story—unleashing potential and pushing the boundaries of healing into the realm of spirit through creating superb body orientation, and a resillient layer of protective qi.

All courses cover the The five elements—a spontaneously arising model for health, movement-stillenss, and bodywork—and some of the twenty or so animal movements.

This spontaneously accessible framing of experience pushes the boundaries of movement to embody maximum delight/expression, minimum inhibition; stillness in motion, and stillness inside of stillness. 

These courses are designed to be accessible to a broad range of skills and experience, with day one of each weekend having more introductory elements, and day two having more advanced elements. 

Sept 22-23


  1. Orienting towards Dao.  
    1. Five Elements—covers the difference between these five types of movement/stillness and how they work together to produce maximum aliveness.
    2. The golden elixir—the traditional Daoist method for re-orienting the functional relationship between stillness and the imagination.
    3. Healing: the big picture—to expand how we measure and perceive what healing is.
  2. Pure Internal power
    1. Animating the whole body—our body heals as a whole, re-orienting our movement towards unity increases our perception of subtlety. 
    2. Developing inward strength—whole body strength is strength towards the center. Expect to sweat.
    3. Integrating an active mind with a quiet body—working with the traditional Daoist concept of the immortal embryo.
    4. Springiness— the most subtle and potent forms of touch benefit from the support of springiness. 

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