Meridians 12 Qigong - "Going Inward" Retreat

A One-Day Qigong Intensive

Autumn brings with it the natural transition from Light to Dark as the days shorten and the colder temperatures settle in. It’s traditionally known as cold an flu season, and essential at this time of year is supporting the body’s transition and adaptation to the changes in the weather. Classical Chinese Medicine gives us insight into the natural Elements and correlated bodily functions that are at the front lines of this transition. The Earth Element governs the harvest, and the Metal Element carries us through Autumn into Winter. By learning to support these elements and their meridian energy networks in the body, mind and spirit, we can create a smooth transition through this time of year and keep safe from colds and flus.

In this daylong seminar with master teacher Matthew Sweigart we will explore through directed qi cultivation methods how to best be in tune with these seasonal changes. This Meridians 12 Qigong seminar takes students of the forms deeper into movement, breath and awareness practice refining understanding and quality of experience for optimal benefit. Stomach/Spleen and Lung/Large Intestine are strengthened through the practice, enhancing their functions in digestive and respiratory health, immune boosting and the basic functions of nourishment and boundaries.

Of particular note is the cultivation of the balance of emotion and virtue. In the Earth we find the emotions of sympathy and worry, and with practice we cultivate the virtues of integrity and wholeness. In Metal we find grief, and as we learn to give our gains and losses back to nature we allow the virtue of non-attachment and balance to arise. With our Meridians 12 Qigong we deepen our experience and through these gentle, directed breath and movement we cultivate our wholeness.

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