Meridians 12 - Qigong Teacher Training Level 1

A Two-Day Experiential Workshop

~Where the Mind goes, Qi flows~
~The Mind guides the Qi, and Spirit guides the Mind~

Where you place your mind in each and every moment of your daily life has a direct effect on the outcomes you can expect to see. By opening your mind to directly connect with the forces that direct the natural world you connect to the spirit of life itself, tapping into infinite source to sustain and energize your health and well-being.  Based in millenia-old understandings of mind/body/spirit interconnections outlined in Chinese Medicine, Qigong is a movement, visualization and awareness training that puts the whole human organism in connection with this source.

Treatment outcomes for Bodywork and Massage Therapy professionals can be correlated to the practitioner’s level of personal cultivation. Taking care of your own health and the strength and well being of your own body has a direct positive benefit on your ability to take care of your clients. And a key component of self care is how you manage your mind and how you are guided by spirit.

In the Meridians 12 Qigong Teacher Training, students learn a full set of movements and mind focuses for their own personal self-care practice.  You will then learn to teach and share these techniques to help your clients achieve the same sense of purposeful intention.  The Meridians 12 approach gives you a comprehensive model to support clients where they are using effective poetic language,  imagery and movement, improving your results and outcomes and boosting your client attraction and retention.

Qigong (Life-energy cultivation) practices have been at the heart of successful therapeutic practice for millennia. Matthew Sweigart has maintained his full time practice in Shiatsu since 1987 and has developed the Meridians 12 Wellness program as his personal contribution to the art of self-care and personal health cultivation.  Drawing from many influences from over a dozen different Qi masters including Ohashi, Li Jun Feng, Roger Jahnke, Peter Moy, Teja Bell and many others Meridians 12 can confidently trace its roots back to early Taoist and Zen precepts for cultivating balance and well-being in alignment with the rhythms of nature.

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