Shiatsu and Structural Integration

A one-day workshop


From the banks of the river, our attention naturally observes the flow of water, and wonders where it is going and where it comes from...Chinese Medicine for millennia has used the water analogy to represent the classical 12 meridians as vehicles for the flow of chi in the body and how various internal and external stimuli determine its capacity for existence, movements and accomplishments that collectively make up a lifetime.

The focus of of this one day workshop is to explore, through palpation and technique, the pairings of the meridians known as The Six Divisions: linking the meridians that run in the parallel anatomical structures of both upper and lower body. For example the spleen and lung meridians are joined into a grouping called the greater yin, because they both have an end in the first digit of their limbs and run along the forward and inside aspect of the respective limbs.

This pairing takes into account not only the energetic functioning of the channels, but also shines relevance on their location and how they effect the structural integrity of the individual. From this perspective of both soma and spirit, the Six Divisions express deep holistic connections between the different but parallel structures, linking both Earth and Heaven in 6 common functions and kinesthetic pathways which are more fundamental than the energies expressed by the organ meridians.


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