Light Emission and its Role in Shiatsu

If we consider the human being as a quantum macrosystem we recognize some of its characteristics and properties. A peculiar one is the ability of self-organization which means maintaining an orderly dynamic, that is, a degree of coherence ("correlated oscillation" ability with other parts of the system).

This is possible because living systems maintain an energetic condition with surplus elimination properties. This is done in different ways. Here we will focus attention on the spontaneous emission of biophotons. It is an emission of energy in the visible range with very low intensity (so called spontaneous ultra weak emission)

Which is precisely why it normally escapes the human eye.

In this webinar Patrizia will show you the possible reading of this phenomenon thanks to sharpening the senses and using them in an integrated way.

This requires physical mental preparation; this is the stabilization of a relaxed, but alert aligned presence.

Thanks to the phenomenon monitoring it is possible to develop a shiatsu technique that induces this emission, in case of need. We are in the direction of supporting well-being and health at all levels.


Students Will Learn How to:
  • Observe low-intensity light emission in a receiver
  • Understand the relevance of the light emission for the health of the receiver
  • Respond with shiatsu based on our observations and post-test the results

Please be prepared to have a receiver with you if you would like to practice the techniques live during the class.  It is ok to attend without a receiver if this is not possible.


To support the global shiatsu community, this class is priced at $75, half of our usual 6-hour CE class price.

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