Koshi Balancing

“Koshi” represents the locus of physical strength and movement, which encompasses the thighs and lumbar-sacral region.  All Japanese martial arts are concerned with “moving from the Koshi” as the locus of strength and adaptability.  The cultural notion of the koshi is embedded in the channel energetic of the Girdle Vessel (Dai Mai) and its associated channel the Gall Bladder (Shao Yang).  


This class will provide a detailed mapping of the rotational vectors of dynamic postural tension in the body, as embodied in the Girdle Vessel and Shao Yang Sinew.  Key acupoints of those channels will be treated with Seitai Shiatsu methods.  Collaborative input from Michael DeAgro and Jeffrey Dann will bring expanded awareness of spatial field dynamics and movement patterns into the touch therapy, allowing for dramatic and effortless re-coordination of the nervous system and muscular system.


We will learn:

The anatomy of the lumbar pelvic center

Palpation and muscle and skeletal tests of the cranium, spinal column and postural muscles

Functional tests of the pelvic ligaments and pelvic motion patterns


Osteopathic fascial listening for the muscles, skeleton and channels

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Koshi Balancing (Oct 13-14, 14 hours) : $375
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