Introduction to the Chakras

A one-day workshop

Understanding the chakras is a powerful lens through which you can assess the health and well-being of clients, and your self. Healers throughout the ages have used this integrated system as a map of subtle energy flowing through the human body, and connecting us to the outside world. This sophisticated, holistic system helps us interpret the human experience physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this class we will study the specific attributes of the seven primary chakras, which an emphasis on assessing whether a chakra is functioning smoothly, or is out of balance. We will discuss the correlation between each chakra and a client’s physical symptoms, emotional distress, life challenges and chronic behavioral patterns. In addition to providing this informative framework, the class will be experiential and will include movement and meditation. For many, the chakras illuminate a path that deepens self-care, personal development, and spiritual growth.

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Intro to Chakras - 6 CEs : $150
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