Intro to Shiatsu

A hands-on exploration

What will you learn at an introductory workshop?  

1.  How to move the energy of your own body
Shiatsu is a non-manipulative discipline.  We believe that there is nothing you can "do" to "fix" the energy of another person.  Rather, each person has everything they need for their own healing.

So, in our intro workshop, we start by getting a sense of our own internal spark of healing energy.  We will do guided internal exercises that will help you find and release tension and imbalance in your own body.

2.  How to work in a way that's beneficial for you as well as for the client
The practitioner of shiatsu must use themselves well in order to give good shiatsu.  You don't need a perfectly flexible body or a perfectly relaxed mind, but you need to move a step in that direction as you give a treatment.  While you give shiatsu you relax your own body a bit more; you relax your mind a bit more.  The client will feel relaxation through your hands and will respond in kind.  If you come to the work ready to "work", the benefits won't be the same; your client will feel effort.  We will explore how Shiatsu can be actually relaxing and energizing for the giver.  

3.  How to get in touch with your own intuition and work in a way that goes beyond words
It's amazing how many students come to this introductory workshop and find that they're able to "get out of their own way" or "get out of their head" very successfully through the methods we teach.  In just this short 2-hour timespan, you can have the experience of working intuitively and without second-guessing.

4. How Shiatsu can make a difference in the world today

Healing arts have a vital role to play in moving humanity forward right now.  To advance a culture of equality, understanding and compassion, we must help people to be free of paralyzing amounts fear and anger, and to build up their health, integrity, and inner resources to help them advocate in the world in the way in which they know they want to.  Learn more about how shiatsu therapists advance this cause every day. 

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