Introduction to Shamanism

A 4-week course

This introductory course lays down the roots for a solid foundation in the essential primary techniques of Journeying skills.

Journeying means traveling beyond time to the space between the worlds where we come into whole-hearted communion with the Source of Creation. We enter Sacred Space and find that we can heal from our past hurts and dream our future into being.

We can meet our Animal Totems, Guides and Angels. They know how to develop our strengths and shore up our weaknesses. We receive their help and advice in our everyday lives and discover how to develop our gifts . . . our “medicine.”

As a participant in this 4-week course you will become familiar with:

  • Cosmology and Foundation
  • Mother Earth and Father Sky
  • The Four Directions
  • Sacred Space

In addition, you will train in The Old Ways that shamans have been practicing for thousands of years, since the beginning:

  • Spiritual Grounding
  • Cleansing Your Chakras and Aura
  • Calling the Spirits
  • Journeying

Lindy Ferrigno has studied the shamanic medicine of several indigenous cultures for decades. After many years of apprenticeship, elders of four traditions have endorsed her to share the teachings of their lineages.

“I share this knowledge with great respect and gratitude
. . . and great delight!”

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