Integrating Trauma History and Constitutional Type in the Treatment of Chronic Conditions

A One-Day Going Deeper Class

This class explores the shiatsu theory relevant to Chronic Conditions, such as autoimmune conditions, cancer, other degenerative illness, and overwhelming emotional states.

In class, we will study Divergent Channel and Constitutional Type theory as it pertains to chronic illness.  We will learn:


  • The concept of "latency in the divergent channels": the contractive mechanisms by which the body holds a post-traumatic response posture
  • The healthy means by which this mechanism resolves
  • How to provide space for healthy resolution within a shiatsu treatment
  • How to take a combined trauma and health history
  • How to listen for a client's constitutional type during the discussion
  • How to set an initial treatment relationship on the right foot with an emphasis on healthy function
  • How to structure a long-term treatment plan
  • How to perform a treatment that addresses the trauma response

Class will include a live demonstration of a first session with a client including the taking of a trauma history, explanation of the process, goal-setting and a full initial treatment.

Hands-on techniques and sequences will be demoed and practiced.  These techniques will facilitate a healthy space for the relaxation of the immune and nervous systems in the context of trauma history and chronic illness.

We will discuss how to explain the benefits of the work to clients without stepping outside our scope of practice, grounding things in the physical manifestations and emphasizing relaxation.

Graduates of Zen Shiatsu Chicago or any other Asian Bodywork Therapy program of 500 hours or more are eligible for this class.


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