Inner Life - Triple Heater and Fire Element in Emotional Experience

The Triple Heater is a mysterious function unrecognised by Western science, but which influences the health of the whole body.  The texts tell us that “it has a name but no form”, but interpretations of what it is and what it does vary widely.  Sometimes it is described in terms of fluids, sometimes as a protective function, other times as the body thermostat.  Modern theories link the Triple Heater with the connective tissue network.

As the common theme of this Symposium is “Emotional Experience”, the protective and adaptive functions  that Japanese theory ascribes to the Triple Heater come under scrutiny. When do we need protecting, emotionally, when do we need to open up, and why?  And how does the body respond to these impulses?

We will be exploring issues of the body’s blocking mechanisms, designed to protect us but often enclosing us in a cage.  We will look at the Chakra system and the Three Dantian to find how our clients can reach their own reserves of peace and strength. A very practical workshop, with exercises to help us really to understand the Triple Heater in ourselves and Shiatsu practice to explore different ways of working with our receivers’ vulnerability and their self-protectiveness.

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Inner Life - Triple Heater and Fire Element in Emotional Experience (14 CEs) : $450
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