Healing the Joints Level Two - Extremeties

A two-day seminar

The skills of sensitivity and precision learned in Healing the Joints - Part 1 become even more important when treating the smaller, more delicate joints. We build on those foundations and refine techniques as we hone the necessary skills for addressing the:

  • Knees and Elbows
  • Ankles and Wrists
  • Toes and Fingers

It bears repeating that this treatment protocol is unique in its emphasis on joint spaces, rather than on dense anatomical structures. However, participants will find it immeasurably beneficial to review the anatomy of the targeted joint structures before attending the workshop.

When done competently, and with some finesse, the combination of techniques learned in Healing the Joints – Parts 1 and 2 makes a nearly complete session. All you have to add is the back and neck. Your clients will feel that their entire body has been addressed in a coherent and thorough way, leaving them stronger, relaxed, and in less pain. They will be very pleased with the results.

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Healing the Joints Level Two - Extremeties : $240
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