Healing the Joints - Extra Day

A one-day workshop

A Course for Bodyworkers of All Disciplines

The techniques presented in this workshop represent training gained by Lindy Ferrigno on three continents over a period of 20 years.  She has synthesized the expertise of Asian bonesetters, European osteopaths, and American chiropractors into procedures suitable for any bodywork system.  This treatment protocol is unique in its emphasis on joint spaces, rather than on actual anatomical structures.

Over two days, you will learn techniques allowing you to compose a full-body treatment oriented around healing the joints and regaining structural integrity.

In this workshop you will learn new methods to:
Enter the joint space
Modify your hand usage
Identify the best treatment strategy
Introduce a pattern of free movement
Optimize the healing response

The techniques have proven effective on complaints such as:
Sports injuries
Pain syndromes
Motor vehicle accidents
Repetitive motion syndromes 

Lindy Ferrigno, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), CI (AOBTA), has been studying and practicing Shiatsu since 1974.  She began understudying with chiropractors in 1979 and with osteopaths in 1985.  These pursuits led to an additional specialty in visceral manipulation in 1988.  Lindy has apprenticed with indigenous healers of four traditions and has been given permission to work and teach their ways.  This combination of training gives her a broad understanding of using bodywork for healing.  She joyfully shares her expertise in workshops across the United States.

This one-day workshop is available to those who may not have gotten into the original May 17-18 class.  Also, students from the May 17-18 class are welcome to take this class, as it will include working positions and techniques not taught in the original class.

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