Giving Short Demo Sessions

How to construct a 10-minute experience

In this class we will practice the art of the 10-minute miracle!

This skill helps in settings such as teacher appreciation events, festivals, office stress relief, etc.  How can you construct a 10-minute experience that meets the needs of your client, and gives you enough contact time to help them understand what a long-term shiatsu relationship would look like?

We'll look at logistics of supplies to bring and how to structure the event, as well as the all-important question of how to do good shiatsu in 10 minutes.

We will look at strategies for table, futon and chair.  For short events, it's good to be flexible and have all these treatment formats available.  If you haven't done table or chair practice before, we'll look at tips for how to structure treatment and explore a new way of working.

Open only to students or graduates of the Zen Shiatsu Chicago program.

We will explore:

  • Managing time at the event
  • Managing expectations/publicity about the event
  • Managing individual sessions: intake/goal setting/concluding conversation
  • Practice with short sessions on the table, floor or massage chair

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Going Deeper - Giving Short Demo Sessions : $150
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