Fire and Water: Meridians 12 Qigong Winter Retreat

A two-day qigong retreat

Come in from the cold and share the warmth of community with Meridians 12 Qigong healing energy.  Water, the dominant element of winter, the great north wind, blows in the deepening cold.  Through the long winter, we humans gather round the fire to tell stories.  With our human ingenuity we can catch the Fire, the element of summer, and bring it indoors, to survive the cold and creatively triumph over our deepest challenges.  The balance of Fire and Water gives great promise for healing and renewal.

Water and Fire express themselves along complementary meridian channels in the BodyMind.  They unite inside and out, above and below.  They govern a range of functions vital to adaptation and survival.  In this retreat we awaken, enliven and animate these channels.  Of particular focus is the conversion of pathology to virtue, to address the distortions of the Elements and support the arising of harmony.  We move from Fear to Courage/Wisdom, from perceived Chaos to security in Divine unfolding.  Fire and Water together create the hot cup of tea that warms our heart and mind through the long winter.

Topics Include

  • Guided elemental meditations
  • Key acupoints to relieve fear and anxiety and build peaceful calm abiding
  • Specific meridian qigong practices of breath, movement, meditation


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Fire and Water: Meridians 12 Qigong Winter Retreat : $240
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