Find Meridians and Points by Touch

A Comprehensive Meridian Location Class

Do you sometimes wish you knew for sure if you are really on the meridian? Do you wish you felt secure enough in your hand’s sensitivity to trust that you found the point? Do you wish there was another way to learn meridian and point locations besides memorizing anatomical landmarks? Then let’s turn your wishes into reality!

Discover how to locate meridians and points by sense of touch. Learn the missing information that makes it so much easier to feel what you’re looking for. In this course we will consult meridian charts like we do maps – to get an idea of the “landscape” of the meridians. Then, we will palpate the actual channels the way we follow a trail – by literally entering into the territory (with our thumbs) and experiencing it through our senses. This course aims to cover both the classical meridians and the Zen Shiatsu extensions of Dr. Shizuto Masunaga.

Bring your charts and textbooks (your maps) and wear clothes that are smooth and stretchy – no textures, please (raised letters, corduroy, etc.), or thick seams, as they are difficult to feel through.

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