Extraordinary Vessels - Meditations on Time and Space Part 2

A one-day exploration

Extraordinary Vessels!

Extraordinary Vessels are much more than specific flows within the body. Extraordinary Vessels describe the most general dynamics by which human beings take shape and story in time and space.

Extraordinary Vessels treatments have profound implications for genetic expression, lifelong constitutional issues, life-threatening illnesses, and evolving stories about oneself and the world.

How do we touch through time? How do we draw on resources from the past and future? How can we align with and make peace with universal evolutionary forces? 

This class is an excellent refinement for graduates of the Postgraduate Clinical Shiatsu Studies. It is also accessible to any student who has completed basic shiatsu studies.
This Part Two class will review a few basic competencies in Extraordinary Vessels work, and will focus on treatment of the Yin Wei Mai, Yang Wei Mai, Yin Qiao Mai, Yang Qiao Mai and Dai Mai.
Students who have not taken Part 1 should call the office to discuss getting access to the Part 1 audio recording and handouts.

In this 6-hour class, we will review:
  • Qi Cultivation methods for experiencing Extraordinary Vessels in ourselves
  • Concentration Methods and Touch Techniques for connecting with Extraordinary Vessels in others
  • Basic protocols for recognizing when and how to use Extraordinary Vessels in treatment
  • Demo and Practice of Treatment Protocols

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