Exploring Your Divergent Channels

A One-Day Refinement Workshop

Divergent Channels represent a primitive survival reflex that is called into action during trauma.  It represents a sustained guarding reflex, or the holding of an event for later processing when the individual feels safe and ready.

Divergent Channels can be implicated in prolonged holding patterns following an accident, in chronic illness following trauma, and in the holding on to belief patterns that perpetuate a sense of the world as unrelentingly theatening or problematic.

We will locate the pathways in our body and get better acquainted with them through self-meditation and self-treatment in a safe framework.  We will practice divergent touch technique on one another, informed by what we’ve practiced.

This class is appropriate for those who both have and have not taken the Postgraduate Clinical Shiatsu Studies.  Both groups of students will find new insights applicable to their level of practice.

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